D-Lights Bike


The answers to your questions

A D-Lights Bike Kit make all two wheels?

With the D-Lights Bike Kit, you can do all the two wheels (front and rear) for each side of the bike wheels.

Are there several colors?

The color pigment that is most visible in self-adhesive tape is the green that we sell on our website.

The batteries can be changed?

Inside each D-Lights Bike lamp, there are two CR2016 batteries. These can be changed easily, using a screwdriver. This category of batteries is found in most shops.

D-Lights Bike fit all types of bike?

The great feature of the D-Lights Bike Kit is its ability to adapt to many types of bike. He settles, of course a child bike, as an adult bike. Whether the bike is BMX type, bike mount, road bike, etc. To install the strips on the wheels, they must be slightly profiled. If you have a disc brake or a bike without brakes (fixie style), you can stick the bands on the braking band.

The bands come off easily?

The bands of the D-Lights Bike kit have glue, which is very strong. The bands resist cold, heat and rain. They are easily cleaned with a damp cloth.