DLights Bike concept unites elegance and safety once the sun has set.

The systems permits the bike wheels to light up through  florescent strips. The florescent strips absorb the UV LED light or may absorb natural outdoor light.

Thus, allowing the florescent glow to warn automobile and public transport drivers that you are present on the streets with them.

Being seen from all sides and giving style to your ride is our mission.

The system is elegant, luminous, easy to install and water resistant.

This system can be installed on any type of bicycle (road, mountain, BMX, Dirt, fix gear, singlespeed, children’s bicycle, monocycle…)

Should this concept appeal to you, do not hesitate to contact us for further details or visit our site.

On our site you will find the installation guide Installation also the purchase section in our  The shop section. 

»»»» Installing  D-Lights Bike  ««««

A complete installation guide and video for a perfect fit.

»»»» The shop  ««««

Here’s where you can get the complete DLights Bike kit  or renew any needed parts.


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